What should the Fuel Rail Pressure be?


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2005 Dodge Sprinter 5 Cylinder Mercedes Diesel...

What is the correct fuel rail pressure when climbing a hill about 2500 RPM with the accelerator pedal all the way down on the floor?

I'm getting about 19,000 PSI when the P0087 occurs (Low Fuel Rail Pressure)


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What are you using to determine that you have 19,000 PSI while driving down the road?
Why are you only running 2500 RPM.....that's about 200 RPM BELOW where the OM-647 Sprinter engine really begins to pull well.
Best pulling performance and best fuel mileage when pulling is in the 2700-3150 RPM range.
What are the sub codes associated with the P0087 DTC you are getting.
Does this throw your Sprinter into LHM?
Does it reset when you shut the engine off and restart it?
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I have a scan tool that gives me fuel rail pressure (BlueDriver). I can view readings in real time and I get a file with the measured data during the event. It shows pressure on 0.1 second intervals. Pressure rises steadily as I press the pedal to the floor but tops out at about 19,600psi
I am running up a hill near my house to test the conditions causing the code to set.
I don't see any sub codes. Just P0087
I've checked the low pressure supply and it is good.
From the reading I've done, it looks like the most likely problem is that the injectors are leaking back into the return or the rail pressure solenoid is leaking back into the return. My next step was going to be to test those. But I'd like to know what pressure the fuel rail can reach when things are working properly.


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Thanks for your interest.
Yes, the sprinter is going into Limp.
I'm not sure if it is coming back out of limp when I shut off and back on. But the check engine light stays on.


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Did you ever find a fix for your issue? Im having the same exact problem. 99.2% load and 19,844psi but trips p0087. HP has been replaced, injectors are newer, leakoff test is even, new filter, new LP fuel pump in gas tank with 70psi read past filter before HP pump.

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