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hey i have a customer with a 2013 sprinter 156 k miles originally came in for safety check before his deliveries codes P18BC00 AND P16CF00 are present im using a Xentry i can not re set adaptation values for the upper SCR temp sensor i have already replace all sensorts pertaining to the exhaust oil change fuel filter change replace AD-BLUE dosing valve AND AD-BLUE PUMP SENT IT TO THE DEALER FOR SCN coding and he just came back back from a delivery from NewYork 5200miles later def light on and has 8 restarts left im stuck and do not know what to do or where to go from here if any help asap thanks my email is or you can post on the forum


sorry for the late response i have replaced both nox sensors and i have added 1 gallon of DEF fluid it was pretty much full so i drained the whole system tested it and it tested out fine i still filled up the system with fresh DEF fluid and is still doing the same thing
Did the van come back with the same codes? What are the current dtc's in ad blue / engine. Most likely need to do a dpf regen

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i understand that i have the xentry but how do i get rid of the amount of starts i have 4 starts left before truck gets stuck is there a way to get rid of the limited starts?


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As for the DEF light/remaining start countdown; that is a warranty item. The evaluation/repair should still be covered under the emissions warranty.


Do you know what is repaired/replaced under this warranty item? I just bought a 2012 which was taken in to have this warranty work done before I picked it up.


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I'm having similar issues, did you get to the bottom of this?

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