2008 will not start


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2008 35,000 mi.
Parked in driveway with small incline. In Park.
Battery fully charged, and is 2 years old, OEM.
Y Harness replaced 6 months ago.
Key turns in ignition, all lights on, wait , glo-plug light goes out.
Turn ignition to start, 1 click.
Repeat w/ off on sequence, , one click only.
Shift trans to neutral and back, re-try , one click.
Repeated several times with several breaks.
Turned ignition to on.
Moved shift lever to reverse. Took off brake.
Allowed Sprinter to roll back one foot in REVERSE.
Moved shift lever to Park.
Ignition to off, retry start sequence.
VOILA, she started. Drove 20 minutes.
She continues to start.
Probably saved me a tow and a new starter?

Comments welcome,

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Welcome back to the ........" click club".

In 2010 you had the same or similar click issue ?

There are several on going posts dealing with this exact issue. Yours may or may not be related to the transmission selector ? The transmission selector position has real merit as a cause.
It will be interesting to see if your click returns ?

Post #21 in this link is a quick recap of what others have experienced and what some have report resolved the click issue. Froggy's post is related to the solenoid failing which he has experienced many times.

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'Click Club'... I like that. And lots of members.

The gearshift control module (among several others such as the TCM, EIS, etc.) must first authorize the start via CANbus before the engine will turn over so if the gearshift selector had a problem I don't expect you'd even hear a click (assuming the click was the starter solenoid.) But there may be other audible relays involved so maybe that's what is being heard.


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1) The first Non-Start click I had was was in 2012/3.
Dealer replaced the battery, seemed to solve the problem.
2) The second Non-Start click was early 2015 and the dealer replaced the Y-Cable.
Seemed to solve the problem...Until today 12/09/15.
3) This is the third NON-Start click issue as delineated in post #1.

I wonder if the Non-Start clicks are recorded in the history file?
No check engine lights were shown.


2008 View J (2007 NCV3 3500)
Have you cleaned the connections on the ground strap that runs from the engine to the frame (on the driver's side, you can see it by looking straight down about midway back on the engine.) This along with the Y cable is a very common source of starting problems and other strange electrical issues.

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