Modified Exhaust System - Straight Pipe


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The turbo on my van would turn off after a few seconds of idling. The mechanic determined the intercooler was busted and likely a result of clogged catalytic converter/muffler. I priced these items to find out it they cost approx. $2000 for parts only.

Reading this board last week I found out the van would run without the two emissions items so I decided to take a chance. I have a straight pipe from the turbo back to the original tip. (I live in a test free state.)

The van is slightly louder than normal, possibly a little more responsive and the mpg on a 1000 mile trip was the same as before. (21mpg loaded with 2k lb. cargo)

Eventually I will put an aftermarket converter and muffler on as there is not benefit to having them removed.


Not Suitable w/220v Gen
Do you eventually plan to sell it, and if so, does having them on the vehicle increase your ability to sell it later?


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I would like to sell it now but the mileage doesn't leave its value very high. I have 360k miles on it but I have replaced the engine and trans about 50k miles ago. Its worth more to me than I think it would sell for.

At any rate, I wouldn't sell it in its present condition. I will replace the missing components eventually as it hasn't helped performance. (saving money was the only reason I did it)

I did replace the intercooler and went on a 1k mile trip immediately after getting it back from the muffler shop. I have nerves of steel!

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