Sprinter P2225 DTC, Transmission Swap


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Can I get everyone on the tis forum straight.. Mercedes Benz diagnostic aid ie scanner is called a SDS 2 different systems, T1N = DAS (diagnostic assistants system) used from 2002-2013
2014 to present MB system is SDS running Xentry program.

Now Chrysler used 2002-2006 DRBIII ... 2007-2009 Chrysler used the Starscan, Star mobile etc.

Just trying to get the terminology correct.

Make sure all powers are present at the controller both battery circuits and ignition circuit, also make sure the TCM is turning the relay on .. there should be more than 1 ground If I remember correctly.



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I get what your saying Carl. Both with the Autoenginuity and the StarScan couldn't pick up the TCM. We tried the on position, slow on, and running, both in "all modules" and while getting in the back way (as Anatoliy would say) and no way no how the TCM would be heard.
I have a Launch 123 scanner in Orange County that can read the Sprinter TCU. Please let me know if you still need help. Long/949-500-9887

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