'03 3500 left rear directional inop


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My LR taillight directional/hazard is currently inop. My left headlight, left fender, and left trailer directionals all work. Taillight light circuit board assembly is brand new, no change. I tried looking at the diagram in STAR but it's quite confusing. Suspect broken wire but the harness just disappears up that rear pillar. Any ideas? THANKS!


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I suspect a burnt fuse, you may have to test them all with an Ohmmeter under seat & under steering column


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You can download the full 2003 service manual from http://aie-services-2.net/Sprinter/
The parts manuals are also handy, since they give a sense of what the long cable runs look like and where they go.

The tail light schematics are in section 8w-51
How the cables are run is on page 8w-91-32

Some of the bulbs share the same wire with the right side (brakes and backup lights). If they also don't work, then suspect a broken ground (brown wire).

good luck

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