Actron CP9125 any additional cables needed?


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Hi all
Based on a few folks imput, I was going to purchase the Actron CP9125 to have "just in case" I have an issue on the road, I could let the dealer know what error code it is displaying.

Anyhow if I do buy it do I need to purchase any additional cables?

Also what about a book that lists error codes? (I did find the manual here)

My sprinter is a 2006

thanks in advance for any advise


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OR should I get a Scanguage II? It seems that it will provide any information on error codes plus a bit more information to distract me when I drive

Any suggestions? Actron CP9125 or Scanguage?


I never heard of this device until i just looked it up. Scangauge looks like a much better device to have overall, it can read codes but also has many many many other features that this thing doesnt seem to have, i have a scangauge and i love it!


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I have a ScanGauge, and consider it well worth the higher price.

If you don't need/want the on-the-dash convenience of the ScanGauge, but even -more- data, look into the offerings of
Some of their systems are as cheap as the Actron, but when coupled to a laptop, are far far more powerful.
(they also sell the scangauge for $159)

So many choices, so many toys...

have fun

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