enabling cruise control 2006 Sprinter 2.7L please help


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Can anyone help me enable cruise control in my 2006 sprinter? I am lost, cannot find a place locally that can do it. I have been looking for some kind of programming module (like VCDS for the Audi cars) that would enable me to do it myself. Is this even possible for the mercedes (and affordable)

Can anyone recommend a place I should go to, or anyone around Ohio that can program it for me (for a fee of course)



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Dodge dealers that worked on Sprinters used to have the ability to do the programming.
I had the Tempomat (Cruise Control) retro fit kit installed on my 2006 at a Dodge dealer.


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Likewise Freightliner dealerships that handle Sprinters should be able to do it.
Freightliner is still part of the Daimler family.

If i recall correctly, the procedure was:
(a) install the switch on the steering wheel column
(b) connect Sprinter to StarScan (not DRB-III) dealership computer
(c) Sprinter gives StarScan a magic number,
(d) magic number gets sent to (then) Daimler/Chrysler by StarScan computer
(e) Daimler/Chrysler replies with new magic number to StarScan Computer
(f) StarScan writes new magic number to Sprinter's computer
(g) which tells (allows?) the Sprinter to perform Cruise Control activities

I would suspect that the "magic number" may be a VIN-salted encrypted encoding of all of the currently-valid options that your Sprinter should be allowing, rather than individual numbers for each option.

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Thanks guys, I happened to find a used cruise switch on ebay and will basically make my own retrofit kit. The kit for the NVC3 seems a lot more involved. Shame it seems all the other german cars can be programmed with a cheap USB device while mercedes is like fort knox


Own a DAD ODB2 Unit.
WAYNEROD was doing this (he is in Ohio, if I recall correctly).

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