EGR & DPF issues again


2010 3.0 V6 OM642
Hi everyone!
Just joined this forum... hope I am welcome here as a Mercedes Vito owner - not really a Sprinter at all! My Vito has the OM642 3.0 V6 Diesel, quite an unusual engine for this vehicle but from what I can see much used on the Sprinter, in Europe as well as USA. Have not been getting very far researching my apparent EGR and/or DPF issues on my regular Mercedes forum Benzworld, but I see quite quickly from this forum that there are many V6 owners with similar issues. There is more reading that I need to do before asking too many questions but if anyone has any posts to point me at, please let me know -- symptoms are:
1) Limp mode with no engine light, will clear at restart once the engine has warmed up.
2) Limp mode with engine fault light at startup with either P1405, or P1405 + P2453 codes. Once cleared, engine runs fine and when it is not in limp mode, performs great.

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