Help...low pressure pump not working. Seems intermittent


2006 158 SHC 2500 GDE
2006 T1N

I am broken down just north of Portage WI. I had this issue last week, new filter seemed to have fixed it. It quit on me cruising down interstate. Put new filter in, heard low pump run. No start. Pulled of hoses at filter and put in bottle, no fuel coming out and cant hear pump. Should low pressure pump push fuel out with both hoses off filter?


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Yes fuel should come out the filter intake line when turned to on, and you could hear it running, if not , maybe a fuse blown?


2006 158 SHC 2500 GDE
Fuse #19 is good, swapped it with a couple others to be sure.

Do these pumps go bad or should I be looking at an electrical problem? Anybody know where to find the wiring harness so I can start troubleshooting?

Thaks in advance, Chris.


2006 158 SHC 2500 GDE
I have power from fuse 19 to the bottom of the fuel pump relay under the seat. I jumpered the relay and have power going out the top of the relay but fuel pump does not run.

Climbing around underneath I cannot see where the wiring goes into the fuel tank - in the event there is a connection issue there.

Any thoughts? Sounds like these pumps are pretty reliable. Before I drop the tank would appreciate any advice on what else to check.
Just did mine two months ago (170 k miles). Empty the tank first and have a person helping you. The pump and sending unit come together and like everything else it cost a lot of money, I found a used one for $200.


2006 158 SHC 2500 GDE
I plan on temporarily installing an inline fuel pump to limp the vehicle home to work on. Calling around auto stores, I am only finding the 12D pump rated at 4-7 psi and 35 gph. Will this work at a light load...will it even start...or am I wasting my money?

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The OEM pump typically puts out around 45 psi.

This will sound odd, but worth trying. Take a large rubber hammer and whack the bottom of the fuel tank hard in the area of the fuel pump. The fuel will transfer the force of the whack to the fuel pump and maybe jar it enough to wake it up. If you are lucky enough that this works don't delay replacing the fuel pump. You will be on borrowed time.

Good luck. vic


2006 158 SHC 2500 GDE
Vic, thanks for the tip on the rubber mallet. I jumpered the relay and rapped on the tank a few times. I got the pump running but it only worked long enough to position the van in a better place to work on. I could get it to run after that but only for a few seconds each time.

I did install an inline pump - the Airtex E8153 - rated at 10-14 psi and 35 gph. It DID NOT work. While it was able to pull fuel from the tank (through the non-functional pump) it did not have enough pressure to start the van. I did get it started by getting the in-tank running for a bit - but when I pulled the fuel pump relay to test the inline pump, it died about 5 seconds later at idle.

Any advice on what parts I need to replace the pump and where to buy would be appreciated. I have never used the heater booster and will not get the 3 port pump if it's not needed.


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