Kelowna BC Mercedes Dealer


The Mercedes dealer in Kelowna doesn't seem to be mentioned along with the other BC Sprinter MB shops. They actually look like and behave like a Mercedes Dealership. And they DO have room for you to park... and room in the shop to work on your Sprinter. Great service.


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I ordered my Sprinter there which will arrive late Nov. So far the experience has been top notch and they've performed the schedule B maintenance on a Smart car I bought at auction. There are always Sprinters coming and going so I would say they have have a good knowledge base, experience.

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The Kelowna MB dealership does not handle wheel alignments.
If you have a Sprinter based Class B+ and you have the front tires wearing out prematurely, Fenders in West Kelowna does have an alignment rack.
I have a Unity which has dual back wheels on a Sprinter 3500 chassis.

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