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Does anyone know how to change the handbrake shoes? I can't seem to find a video or instructions anywhere. My shoes are completely toast and need to be replaced. Thank you. (this is my first ever forum post) :cheers:


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What sort of Sprinter do you have?
Year Model.....Type (NCV3 or T1N) Series....316/319 or 419/516/519 (2500 or 3500 USA)
Single rear wheels or dual rear wheels.
The info is here, but we need to know more to point you at the information that fits your vehicle.


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Just to add
The shoes are alum and sit in a north/ south location.
One end is a fixed round fulcrum the other has the bisector
The removal and install is quite straightforward more or less mirroring what Steve has posted.

Start with the beehive stabilizer springs this will allow the shoes to tip outwards for easy removal of the return springs. Once you get one spring off the whole lot can be lifted out. Install is reverse , don't forget to de-rust/free off the star wheel adjuster.

Always have a set of spring hardware kits on hand as the springs go rusty ans brittle over time which of course will scupper the job if they break. Often the dealer doesn't carry these as a rule so pre-order before tackling the job.
Don't forget to check the handbrake cable and compensator arrangement under the rig--might be seized and the reason or the shoes being torn up!
Best of luck

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