smaller steering wheel needed any ideas


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Hi guys I am disabled and need a smaller steering wheel, does anyone know what wheels will fit or where I can get one (can't find a boss on ebay) and how do I keep the airbag light off as I cant keep the airbag and it's an mot fail if the light is on, any advice would be great, thanks:cheers:,

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Please explain what you are trying to improve by fitting a smaller wheel. there may be a better and safer way. Eric.


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I dont think there is a safer way or better way I just find the steering wheel unnessasarily large and with my disability I quite often fit a smaller wheel to make life easier,


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Although i consider the following action "taking the first step to committing suicide" ...

You can buy (or build) a simple gadget to defeat the airbag sensing system.
Google "airbag resistor" for more details.
Doing *any* work around the airbag system requires disconnecting the battery and letting the car sit for a few minutes to allow stored-charge devices to drain. Having an airbag explode in your face is no fun.
If the Sprinter's computers see that the airbag is missing, they'll set a code (and light the dashboard light) that requires a dealer-level device to clear.
If you do the bag->gadget swap without restoring power in-between, that code will not be set.

As for the smaller wheel, (or, in fact, the entire operation), i'd start by asking local Mobility Van conversion folks about them.



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Do you have your seat all the way down and tilted slightly forward?
You might want to check with a mobility up fitter.
They may have some suggestions or have done this before.
Trying to do it yourself and getting it past your annual MOT (Ministry of Transport I believe) inspections may be
in the realm of difficult to impossible.
Have you checked the MOT regulations regarding mobility modifications.
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Contact either MB dealer or corporate with your issue. It might be possible to retro fit a wheel off another MB vehicle including Airbag.



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a smaller steering wheel will require more effort to steer, since you loss some leverage, and a sprinter is not a sedan is more like a truck. maybe to fit a smaller pulley on the steering pump will increase steer assistance.


Safely being able to operate the vehicle is more important than reactive safety aids. If a smaller wheel actually helps someone with a disability to drive safely then it's more important than the airbag.

That being said. Most manufactures don't change the internal airbag(under the decorative cover) and steering wheel mounting splines between models. There are plenty of Mercedes models with smaller diameter wheels. So maybe one of those will fit. (Clock springs may be different though).

I've swapped several airbag wheels between VW/Audi/Porsche and the internal airbag part number is the same.


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You can keep the airbag light off with a 2 ohm resistor. Make sure you don't cycle your key with nothing on the end of the wires (testing it), otherwise it will store a code and you will have to reset it. Make sure battery is disconnected when doing any work like this.


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A friend from way back in high school that I keep up with is morbidly obese (but down to 350 from 450!) and has trouble driving most cars. He disabled the horn on his restored classic car because his belly would constantly activate the horn. He bought my Mom's old 318i, and in order to drive it he had the seat base modified to move further back and it works well. If THAT is the disability, you might look into moving the seat.

If it's a range of motion issue, browse through the Mobility Van web pages for ideas. I like 312d's pulley idea. Using a suicide knob of the steering wheel may help, too. One of my friends is paralyzed, partial use of arms and hands, he has hand controls on his van, and a suicide knob to make it easier to steer.

I don't know if it's legal to disable the driver airbag, but I don't see why it wouldn't be. If you retrofit a smaller steering wheel using one of those universal kits, you will probably have no airbag.

Here's the opportunity to go all lowrider with your van:


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