P0191 code and no power.


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Last week I was driving my 2006 winnebago View with 115,000 K and I noticed a distinct loss of power on the freeway. Have a basic code reader and it says "P0191 fuel rail pressure sensor ckt range/perf". I cleared the code and drove for about an hour until code and loss of power again. I do basic stuff on my own like engine and transmission oil and fuel filter changes but have no idea what might be happening here after some reading on this forum. Some other info that might be related: I have had a P0087 code come up in the past few years indicating low fuel rail pressure. I have cleared this code twice and since then driven more than 20k miles with normal fuel filter changes every 10k. I performed the "leak-off injector test" on my injectors as described on this forum and injectors seem to be okay based on this simple test.
I live near Hood River Oregon and am wondering if anybody in this area might have a DAD to help me diagnose or recommend a good shop around Portland, Oregon.
Thanks in advance for any information that might help me resolve this issue!

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