Ignition Switch NOT the "sudden engine stop/no start" problem


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But it was highly suspect. The Sprinter balked at starting this morning; then, halfway to destination, the engine cut out cold! With a little key-wiggling and screaming, restarted; stalled again while parking. More banging, recovered and parked. I removed the cowling and foam block at Fuse Block #1 [under the steering wheel; far left in photo] and poked at wires attached to the ignition switch [below label "A901..."]. The black wire seemed the likely culprit, as it was bent to a hard 90 degrees just before the solder joint. Touch the wire, all control-panel lights go off - or back on. Suspecting wire damage, I seriously considered a repair [unsolder, strip insulation back past broken strands, resolder]. Back home, I disconnected the battery cable, then moved FB #1 clear of the switch [2005 manual, pg 8W-97-3]. When I did so, the ignition-switch connector [slightly below and left of the red wire] spontaneously came out of the fuse block. I thought: that can't be right! Then, I remembered that I had removed the fuse block some time ago while wiring my backup camera. I suspect operator error during the former operations. Now, aggressive wiggling of the ignition switch causes no problems - think I nailed it. Good job I didn't break out the soldering gun.

<photo taken from center console, looking toward steering wheel>

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