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Zach Woods

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Checklists for RV Owners

All of these are generic (not Sprinter focused - often trailer focused) but they do provide a solid start for creating specific to your vehicle. - Good checklist for winterizing an RV - Good checklist for summerizing an RV - Good what-to-pack checklist for any RV'er - Good pre-delivery inspection (PDI) checklist for any RV purchase - List of various checklists . . .


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You have a Great website and forum here. :thumbup:

I put a link to your forum on my forum here:
Sprinter Source Forum Link

I have a few 2007 Sprinter photos here: (you've probably seen them)

and some photos of GTRV's Sprinter Spoiler here:

I don't own a Sprinter but am very interested in learn as much as I can about them. There sure are a lot of Class B conversions based on the Sprinter platform. I can't wait to see some based on the 2007 platform.



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Hi, They are beautiful but across the country for me and would have a problem servicing. Any in the New York, NJ area? Thanks for your reply


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Zach, i'm wondering if there is any localized version of a list of recommended conversion shops? some of the DIY i've been imagining seem beyond me. has anyone had good luck with Sprinter conversions in the Bay Area?

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