Hot Water Outdoor Shower on Sprinter Airstream Westfalia


I added a hot cold mixing valve to my 2005 Sprinter Airstream Westfalia in order to have a hot water outdoor shower (it comes with only cold water).

Here is a picture of the valve head protruding from the hole that I cut into the canvas. Just rotate head forward or back to control the temp. Surf, swim, snorkel, and scuba ready!

A close up of the valve. It has 1/2" inlet/outlets. The threads on the valve did not match up well to the 1/2" brass fittings that I bought at Home Depot. Here is the mixing valve model I ordered on ebay: "G1-2-Brass-Hot-Cold-Inlet-Valve-for-Mixing-Faucet-Tap-Hand-Held-Bidet-Sprayer"
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Looks like a great setup. Do you have a parts list/sources?

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Here's my setup. I used the existing 10mm hose and a genuine 10mm tee to tap into the hot water hose. Then I used 3/8" barbed hose adapters (that's 9.52mm, close enough) to BSPT to connect to a mixing valve. The outlet of the mixing valve is then connected to 3/8" hose, and from there on to the plastic shower adapter.
It was hard to find a 10mm tee, but I should have gone with the 3/8" tee because it was *really* hard to get the hose over it, and I believe the 3/8" will be tight enough as well (to be tested once weather is good again, but I'm confident). Funny enough, the plastic shower adapter measured closer to 3/8" than to 10mm, and the the 3/8" hose fit on it perfectly.

Parts list:
- ID 3/8in 1m high pressure braided PVC tubing: ($10)

- Hose clamps (a bit too big, should go one size smaller!): ($7)

- Barbed hose fitting: 3/8in to female pipe thread. Note: they sold these as 10mm, which is a lie, they measure 9.52mm aka 3/8". They are really 3/8" which should be easier/cheaper to find elsewhere. You need a total of 3, but they only sold in quantities of 2, so I bought 4. The thread seemed to fit, and the seal is provided by the rubber gasket, so they should work. ($20)

- Tee 10mm. This is a set of tees with different sizes. I threw out all but the 10mm one. It was very hard to install, so I recommend not getting these but a 3/8in barbed tee. Anyways, this is what I bought: ($6)
- Mixing thermostat. It comes with the G1/2 connectors, which is a BSPP thread (parallel, not tapered). You may be able to find alternatives that are easier to adapt to a 3/8" barbed hose: ($37)


I went the lazy way and swapped the cold water connection with a hot water connection to the shower fitting and set the hot water thermostadt to the lowest setting,

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