OM651 Maintenance/Service Write Ups

If you have a OM651/7 Speed drive train and do your own maintenance/service work please post your write ups here. Hopefully this will save OM651 owners a bit of time.
Reset ASSYST on 2014 OM651

I used the following method a few days ago after performing my first "A" service. Worked on first try and then showed next service to be "B" with two wrenches in 15,000 miles.

Thanks to "The Dude" for posting this method in another thread.

ASSYST Reset Procedure
1. Close door
2. Turn key to second position (where glow plug indicator lights up)
3. Wait for most of the indicator lights to go out.
4. Go to odometer/trip meter display
5. Using arrow buttons, go to the "Service Due In xxxxx Miles" screen
6. Pressed and hold the “0” button for several seconds until a beep sounds.
7. Use menu back button to see the following screen (your values may be different here):
SW: 30/13
Rel: 24.07 HL
HW: 10/12
Rel: 12.10
HW: A906
901 35 01
8. Use arrow up button until "Service Due In xxxxx Miles" or possibly "Service A Overdue" is visible
9. Press “0” for just a sec
10. Screen should show:
Compl. Serv.
V. handover
Serv. Canc.
Choose "Compl. Serv." By hitting the up arrow button once.
11. Choose oil, 229.51 or 229.31 should be an option. If not choose “Standard”.
12. Choose oil by highlighting (use +- buttons to move focus) and pressing up arrow to select
13. Screen should say "Confirm Complete Service, Reset 3s"
14. Press “0” button for 3 secs.
15. Should say "Service Confirmed"

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