For Western NC, check options in South Carolina


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In WNC, the best, closest mechanics I've found so far are Dr. A in Clemson, SC and Ed at Christopher Truck in Piedmont, SC.
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There seems to be three locations for Christopher Trucks in the Greenville area. Do they all do service or only at the Piedmont location?


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I'm in Flat Rock, NC. Christopher Trucks, Piedmont replaced the exhaust sytem on my 104k mile 2008 Dodge Sprinter. They also changed the oil & filters. I'm very happy with their price & prompt service, 24 hour turn around! Highly recommend them. Contact Brian Minter - a great guy! - M

Christopher Trucks
108 Harris Road
Piedmont, SC 29673
(864) 269-2131
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I'd like to recommend Gary's Automotive Service on the west side of Asheville, with one caveat.

They are a small shop specializing on service for older Mercedes. They are very easy to access from I-40 as it passes through Asheville.

Their phone number is (828) 665-3868 ... and here's the caveat.... they seem to never answer the phone and their voice mailbox is full. They also have no web site. They were recommended by a local source, and after not being able to get through on the phone, I drove there to scope them out.

They're a father-son business... they had a ton of cars in the parking lot and a lot going on in their 3-bay shop.

I had them replace my AC compressor, they used a Denso unit, cleaned the whole system thoroughly and I was pleased with the time and the price, $725 out the door.

It must be that they have so much local business that they're not reaching out for more. When I picked up my truck there was another T1N in their lot, so, others here in town use them.


Anyone ever used Auto Import Performance at 2129 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28704

they claim to have MB Xentry Star Diagnostic software and do lots of Sprinter work.

Can anyone confirm this?

I can't find any related reviews or feedback (here or on google)



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Do you have the Doctors number?
(864) 623-9110
Andy Bittenbinder

I've used his services a number of times on two different T1Ns. Knows what he is doing! Call and leave a message - he usually responds within 24 hours.


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