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2015 Unity TB on 2014
Needed B service in the middle of our long trip to the Canadian Maritimes. Burlington was easy to find and got us in and out promptly AND washed the really dirty RV with 8000 mi of bugs and grunge. Could not be more pleased with how we were treated.


New member
I enthusiastically recommend Mercedes of Burlington if you are in the area and need Sprinter service. Ask for Steve Bergeron for service manager as he and Master Sprinter mechanic Carl (Sprintguy on the Forum) are knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to help you sort out how best get the work done your Sprinter needs. When the work is done it is done right.

They patiently worked on my 2006 van recently in 2 big service sessions – one in 2016 that involved replacing the radiator, coolant pump, transmission cooler lines, and finally the water pump. The 2017 service involved replacing most of the AC components, replacing all the brake lines and emergency brake, and other smaller jobs.

These expensive parts had to be replaced due to corrosion-caused leaks – a real issue for vans that live outdoors in New England winters. They did what I could afford each time and provided information needed to prioritize the rest of any further needed work with me. When I dropped the van off, Carl asked, “how long can I have the van?” and Steve made sure I knew at least once a day the status of the work until it was ready.

They took the time to clean and spray the rest of the components subject to corrosion under the van with cavity wax and note for me which ones might need service in the next couple of years.

When I picked up the van each time, Steve brought Carl into the office to debrief all the work and the condition of the van with me – often spending 20 minutes or more. Carl took me out to the van to show me what he did on door adjustments, for example.

I leave knowing I got good workmanship, a fair & honest deal, and a list of what I might need to do in the next year or two. The dealership is great about free loaner vehicles and washes the van for you. Yes, I spent more money than I wanted, but the good feeling you leave the shop with makes that a bit more bearable.


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Thank you Beth , It was a real pleasure to keep your van running the best it can. Your words are much appriciated. I wish you the best and only hope the work that was done exceeds your expectations.



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I just brought my newly purchased 2004 to the Burlington dealer to investigate a bearing noise and help me determine what I should do about it on my tight budget. Steve was very attentive and helpful, and I believe Carl looked at my van. They made me feel like my business mattered and were very helpful. I highly recommend working with Steve and Carl for any Sprinter needs.

Thanks again!


'05 Westy
All good for me.

Took our Westy there for a brake fluid change.

They were professional, efficient, and checked out a few items and let me know their thoughts at no charge. Have no doubt about their knowledge of T1N vans and their ability to work on them.

Steve and Carl were both great to deal with. Would not hesitate to use them again if the need arises. Thanks!

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