NCV3 Rear door panel removal


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Does anyone know how to remove the rear door panels on the NCV3s?
I have a 2008 and the rear washer fluid mechanism is not working. Washer fluid drips out the bottom of the doors but does not make it to windshield.
Thank you in advance.:idunno:


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Held in by plastic push in rivets--euphemistically called "Christmas trees" by "uz mechs in the biznis"!
Get yourselves panel removal tool. Basically a flat forked tool that passes down between panel and door carcase, engage the fork around the rivet by feel and pry them out. Panel will fall off if you remove them all.


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According to the folks at The Sprinter Store in Oregon, the clips break real easily. I purchased as upholstery removal kit from Harbor Freight and removed the panels from both rear doors without breaking a clip -- Good Luck!

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