Low cost/good service from Sprintergrille


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At $200 plus for a Mercedes Grille conversion, I was not in the market:eek:.
Then I found a $90 option from Sprintergrille.:thumbup:
The order was fast and efficient; it came trimmed for the Freightliner fascia, with "CID 316" badge and a complementary steering-wheel badge.:cheers:
Shipping charges were more reasonable than the other suppliers I contacted; $20 for Fed Ex to Alaska in 4 days over 4th weekend:clapping:


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i was ordering some other mb accessories from gerard mann in the uk, and seeing as how i only wanted the front and rear stars, i ordered the grill and rear badge also. after two failed attempts at getting a valence from germany via the uk without them being mangled, chris at gerard mann ordered one from rudi to be sent directly to me. it came yesterday safe and sound. rudi has worked very hard at solving the damage issue with the valence. :clapping: thanks rudi.



$90? Were they having a sale? It looks like they're $140 for the grille-only option, but maybe I'm missing something.....


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$90? Were they having a sale? It looks like they're $140 for the grille-only option, but maybe I'm missing something.....
I think it's called inflation or watch your dollar turn into worthless crap. Trillions of dollars created out of thin air to bail out international corporations and guess who picks up the check?


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Just browsing and saw SprinterUSA's post with new arrival. Noted that these kits are direct from Germany. I thought I saw somewhere that it was said that you got cheap ones from Mexico. Looks like you have a huge operation and you are selling Sprinter grill kits made in Germany and sent directly to the USA.:thumbup::thumbup: I would believe that these kits would be the true way to go if a person wanted to do it right with less hassel from "look-alikes" or copies. I think there is no mistake after seeing these pictures where SprinterUSA is getting his products.
I did go to the dealer and find the badges for $5.00 from the local MB dealer. Also the hubcaps are considerably cheaper than I have found online at the dealer.
Just my thoughts and experience.:clapping:


Bought a used 2-person bench seat and some windows from Rudi. He's a very nice fellow and is really great about communicating and following up. Definitely a recommended vendor!


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Rudi really helped me out. My rear differential was going out on my '03 2500 passenger, and he fixed me up with a used unit w/ 38K miles on it, took care of all the legwork for getting it freighted from Phoenix to Lincoln, NE, and gave me a great deal to boot! Better yet, he didn't just forget about me after he got his money - Rudi called after it shipped to check up, and again last night after I got the Sprinter home from getting the rear end installed. He had several useful pieces of advise for me on the install, and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Rudi!



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