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Thanks, I am very happy with the insulation/sound proofing results. Very quiet, even with the generator running and stays cool parked in the sun.


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2nd TV/DVD , Fan etc installed

Installed a 22" TV/DVD, Fan, 12v outlets and light in an area where we planned to put a cabinet. After use, we determined we didn't need any more storage but could use a larger TV in the sleeping area as the forward TV was too difficult for both of us to view while lying down. The switch is spring loaded so I can turn off the fan with my foot when in bed. I'm not going to install any more upper cabinets as they tend to increase a claustrophobic environment.


'02 140 Hi BlueBlk Pass
Added a bunch of stuff, spare tire, extend blackspash and mirror, trim axe in toilet room, extra 12v and usb on the dash, two are located in the top compartment, changed a section added a clothes line, double sealed doors and slider with drip rail, etc...
You must be right handed given that you put your ax on the right side of what appears to be the toilet seat. Handy in the event zombies attack while on the throne :cheers:

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