Pre-Baja Mexico Road Trip Service Suggestions


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(Someone moved my thread to the "Adventure" forum, I'd like it to stay here for more views please).
I've got a 2007 Sprinter 2500, 3.0L van with 124K miles converted to a camper.
I''ll be leaving in early Feb for a 4 week road trip to Mexico Baja.
I'm looking for recommendations for preventive service before leaving to minimize the chances of problems arising in Mexico with the unknown service possibilities there.
I have good tires, a recent oil and filter change as well as fuel filter changed within the last 4K miles.
I've had new glow plugs and controller replaced recently to clear up previous ongoing glow plug failures. The fan belt was replaced at 100K miles.
I will be changing the transmission fluid before I leave along with all new bulbs front and rear.
How often should the EGR be replaced???
I'm aware of UL Sulphur Diesel limitations:
-Looks like good availability at Pemex stations in N. Baja, but none in S. Baja.
Any other items you can recommend?
I appreciate any suggestions, as well as any Baja specific info.


4 weeks of questionable diesel shouldn't give you too many problems. If it were a longer trip I would recommend replacing your DPF with a straight pipe. Any vendors still offering DPF delete programming?

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