Bicycle Focused Stealth Adventure Van


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Finally getting around to posting photos. She fits 4 bicycles and has a fold up full queen sized bed, ARB fridge, 2x100w solar panels, hand-pump sink, etc. Thanks to GeorgeRa for a lot of help with the electrical system and for inspiration in the design! Here she blows...

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Really like the color and the simple low cost materials and design. Very nice. Thanks for posting. Plus the chalk board trick under the fold up bed! Do you have kids?


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Nice build. How do you like the ARB refridgerator. I just got one sort of for Christmas but haven't used it yet. Was also thinking of building an enclosure for mine.


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Indeed, some cheery colors.

I'll be interested to see if the perceived stealth value outweighs the natural light and ventilation of adding a couple of t-sliders after a year's experience.



Look great! Curious if you have any photos of how you constructed/attached your cabinets. Any rattle on your slider doors? That's my next project I'm about to undertake. Thanks


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Very nice! Love the wood and colors. One thought. Did you make sure the ARB has plenty of ventilation? I have that fridge in my E-150 and plan to move it over into my Sprinter once I buy it:smirk:


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Nice buildout! I am also looking for bike storage ability. I would also love to see some build out pictures. Is that wood or wallpaper on the ceiling? Did you use just the roof ribs to mount your panels? nice buildout and I will use these pictures as a reference! Layout is very similar to my design ideas. 140 T1n
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Hey, I've seen that sprinter out in the real world.


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Nice work pedalingnowhere!

My layout is similar (bed platform on top of bike garage) but I'm approaching it a little differently due to specific constraints. I'm tall (6'3") which means I need more vertical space to sit up (or at least move around) in bed, and the bikes underneath are taller. So I place a LOT of value on minimizing the "thickness" of the platform and mattress, which led me to metal fab for my platform rather than wood.

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