Dr. A's Sprinter Service ,SC (Ind.)

Customer Service, Sprinter Knowledge

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Former Nelson BC Sprinter
1-864-623-9110, Andy Bittenbinder , abittenbinder@yahoo.com

Highly recommended Sprinter Advisor with extensive technical knowledge of T1Ns and
A highly valuable source for problem diagnosis. Inventor of the DARF Rumple Strip Noise cure, and creator of the World Sprinter HQ, formerly near Pittsburg PA, will be relocated in Jan '15 to South Carolina west of Greenville at CLEMSON SC.
Emergency calls sometimes answered/returned if you leave a message with problem fully described and contact info email and full phone number and location.


Well-known member
In essence the kit consists of a #50 and #55 twist drill.
You can get this from any good tool supplier.
This has to be a "great " from Andy B
Lots of Sprinter owners have benefited from his mod!:thumbup:
Hat's off to him for that!:thumbup:

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