Fitting double DIN in a T1N.


UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
Order placed for a heap of parts, will update when i receive the parcel.
Finally took delivery of a parcel from DDTuning.EU on Friday lunchtime after best part of a month and low and behold the orders wrong. Ordered 2 pairs of mud flaps and got one and also got some other components i didn't order. Emailled explaining the situation and asked him what they'll do, i've heard nothing yet.

What else? i transferred the required funds across to initiate the order process to be told it was $25 short, odd i thought as i looked at everything my end, i had transferred the order amount and my bank had billed me for the fees separately. I figured his bank had taken their fees from the amount i sent him, i explained this even sending a scan of my transaction from HSBC which shows my fees being billed to me separately from the order amount.

So i then cop another load of bank fees from my bank to basically pay his banks fees - seriously not impressed at this point. That was on the 24th of September then radio silence for nearly two weeks when after emailling i got a reply to say certain components i ordered weren't in stock. Then got an email outta the blue beginning of last week (after once again asking what was going on seeing as their website advertises 3-5 days from receipt of payment) with a tracking number and it turned up end of the week.

One thing i've noticed straight away is the seat covers i ordered don't resemble the picture, looks like they've taken the MW Brothers sprinter product pictures and has got someone to make something similar so not sure about fit or finish. Quality overall with everything else looks passable but not great so we'll see.

So on the whole taking a positive from this experience i'm glad i went with a small order of around $350 and not the original big order i'd planned that was around a couple of thousand dollars.

The negatives are communication which is quite frankly poor from this firm, you have to do all the running/prodding and for a firm that apparently ships internationally using IBAN etc i thought the thing with the fees particularly unprofessional/embarassing.

So there is that, cheers............................................
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UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
Have started work on dashboard V1.2:

New features include the cold vent sub-assembly which i removed when making the first dash and have increased the height towards the rear of the dash to enable active cooling of the head unit and space for wiring harnesses.

The old dash in the background - shes a mess of epoxy and cloth, then i thought if i was going to put 20 odd hours into filling and fairing it back into shape i'd rather improve my design.

After the first incision............


Trying it for size after i attacked it with a heat gun, bags of room this time.


I really dig the way this looks as it is, sorta guts out - might have a think on that as it would save a ton of dicking about with mesh, PU adhesive and bondo.


The 2 DIN jig fits perfectly with room to spare on the back and sides and with the cld vent in place.




UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
A bit more progress,

I was undecided whether to use 2 part foam and shape the dash that way but having seen the stuff reactivate after a bit exposure to the sun i thought i'd go a similar route to before. But instead of polyester resin i'd use epoxy with some West Systems 410 microlight additive.

The problem with the previous dash (V1.1) was a bonding failure between the sanded polyester filler /dash plastic and the 2k paint system, despite using rather expensive plastic primer. The paint had started lifting around the back edge of the cold vent to the point i peeled it like an onion back to the substrate.

So the plan this time; having already washed the dash to death in boiling soapy water, boiling water then several baths of acetone is to get the shape sorted then a final acetone bath to create a bit of 'tooth' on the existing surface then whilst thats sticky lay down a coat of 2k primer. This trick was explained to me by a mate who runs a body shop so think its worth a go.

Sikaflex and ally plates
Then bi-axial cloth & epoxy
Followed by some epoxy filler additive to get a basic shape
Version 1.1 after i peeled it then sheathed it with an eye to rebuilding, will get it back into shape at some point.
How it all looked when removed from the cab several months back

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UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
Got it all back together yesterday after a shed load of work:


Its now a brighter more modern look in the cab


There's USB charging points above the glove box and in place of the cigarette lighter


Even treated her to some really rather fancy seat covers too


And moved the WIF sensor up onto the binnicle so i could create some space in the dash for other things later on.




P.S. There's more here
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I mean, the iPod was launched in 2001! That was 14 years ago!!! It pretty much killed the CD upon introduction
Redbook CD vs MP3. Big sound quality difference.
I have the Sony RSX-GS9. Single din.

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It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. And I love sci-fi.
Whats in all those cupboards? Please tell me they fold out into a full RV stetup. Bed, sink, toilet, etc.

Aqua Puttana

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It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. And I love sci-fi.
Whats in all those cupboards? Please tell me they fold out into a full RV stetup. Bed, sink, toilet, etc.
Drug smuggling?

:cheers: vic


UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. And I love sci-fi.
Whats in all those cupboards? Please tell me they fold out into a full RV stetup. Bed, sink, toilet, etc.
Na no such luck, just tools, jigs & machines (I'm a joiner/maker) the floor space between the two cabinets is 2500mm x 1250mm so i can take 8x4 sheets and my inflatable double bed in there. And with the tool vault up off the floor on accuride runners (237kg at 1520mm extension) i can get 4.2m lengths of timber and counter top materials the full length of the floor

You're right though, looking at it at night it does have a certain 2001: A space odyessy feel to it, more here

The many interiors of my van:

2004 - 2015 - jobbing site joiner


2015 - 2016 lived in this for a year upcountry


2016 - 2017 took out the big cabinets and replaced with corrals for tool boxes on right hand side


2018 too heavy and all on the right hand side


2019 finally got it how i want it, only took 15 years!




UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
Hi Midwest,

The van (tools and interior) weighs 3170kg, thats an improvement on the previous interior, that weighed in at 750kg alone without the tools, plus this time round the interiors distributed more evenly.

The vault cage (black bit up the front) weighs in at 255kg and the side cabinets weigh in at around 130kg a side that's with the tools.

The plan (when money's available) is to fit uprated leaf springs and upgrade the front shocks to Koni's as the front clearance isn't great. I have Koni's on the back end along with airbags and thats improved the handling no end - doesn't feel like a wobbly jelly going round corners.

Its funny, when i lived in it a few years back for work you didn't have to step up onto the rear step it was pretty much on the floor whereas today you still have to step up plus I'd get asked, "who did the lowering kit for it?", Used to make me laugh that did.

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UK 2004 T1N 313CDi

Changing the front shocks will not change the front ride height!

The spring supports the weight and the shocks control the bounce and rebound (and hopefully prevent the spring from bottoming out as well).

There have been several recent threads on the different front springs available and detailing how to change them.



UK Spec 2002 LWB 311 CDI
Understood. Will look up threads, to be honest its the fact they've done 200k so want to change them out as part of my ongoing maintenance programme although looking at pics from over the years she does appear to be sinking a bit at the front. Don't get be wrong she has the look of a redbull F1 car in terms of rake, sorta arse up - looks pretty cool!

But seeing as i've spent so much time on the back end i feel its time to have a look at the front, will do the wheel bearings at the same time as theres a humming noise coming from the front N/S.

Heck I just got the code to unlock the radio only to find out I have no Sound now. Nice Job on the Install. Customizing is a personal preference to your needs and what works for you. I like what you did , thanks for taking the time to share. I like Bluetooth and apple products , I also like to find a way to mount and remove my device, and bring it in at night , I like to use it for gps music communication and a scan tool for the van.

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