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Since you are in El Cerrito, I am only 1 1/4 hrs away. Come look.
That would be great, Dave.
I wanted to get to the last Sprinterfest to see different builds but couldn't make it.
You're in a great location.
Bear Republic, Russian River and Lagunitas :cheers:
How do you decide?

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Easy to decide. One of my customers is Anchor Brewing and they keep me supplied. I have been doing their packaging line design since 1978. Had a bad business experience with Lagunitas so they are out. Again if you are up this way, let me know and we can meet. I have documented everything I have done under the "orton-DIY" postings.


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I often turn to West Marine for creative solutions to problems very few understand, more times than not boaters feel my pain. Though I have not installed what Im about to suggest on my van, I did install one on my boat a few years ago and AMAZING!!!! is all I can say. There is a product by Nicro and its a ventilation fan. If you are looking to move some air through you rig and are thinking of how to power a fan w/ solar, this is a really nice unit, easy cause you dont have to hook up to your battery. It will run all day and all night, charge all day and run all night. Comes in stainless and white fyi. It comes w/ rechargable batteries and a built in solar panel on top. They come in two different sizes I believe. The fan has a button on the inside you can push to turn it off, and reverse rotation. The fan can push air in, or suck air out. The unit works best if there is a fresh air intake or one fan sucking and one pushing. An intake low down to bring in cooler air and the fan on the roof to suck the hotter air out. Anyways, with a whole saw you can cut a 4" whole, install this unit and you have air. Again, fan is reversable and you can turn it off as not to suck heat/AC out. Its an extremely water proof until.

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I installed the same Nicro product on my Sprinter almost 4 years ago, works well.
Does not move large volumes, draws air out and like most solar items runs slow and steady.
Mine is black and square, same 4" hole. Never a leak, I had to replace the battery once.
I have a dark van and live on the coast where it is rarely over 80 degrees.
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I put a Nicro solar vent in about seven years ago and have had zero problems with it. The downside is it doesn't move a lot of air and so now I'm looking to install the Fan-tactic fan.

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