Brake Fluid Dot 4 Plus


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DOT 4 PLUS is the correct fluid for your sprinter
the MB part number is A 000 989 08 07 01


Mobil DOT 4 Plus, GUNK and BG 83532, Amsoil started making brake fluids, but ill have to see if it has a DOT 4 Plus rating.

volvos also use DOT 4 plus, some fords use DOT4 super or DOT super 4.
dont confuse DOT 4 to DOT 4 PLUS. DOT 4 PLUS has a higher boiling point.
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Thanks for the information Mobile! :thumbup:

Searched for some fluid and this came up. Hopefully I can find some locally or online. Otherwise, it's going to be a stealership thing.


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So I'm being dangerous and doing some "internet" reading and I found this...

In so many words, DOT 5.1 fluids are simply DOT 4-type fluids which meet DOT 5 performance requirements. Because of this, they typically can be mixed with DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluids without concern. In some circles, they are even referred to as ‘DOT 4 Plus’ or ‘Super DOT 4’ fluids because they are more similar to a conventional DOT 4 fluid by chemistry than they are to a conventional DOT 5 fluid. In fact, DOT 5.1 is essentially comprised of Borate Esters.
Most of the DOT 4 Plus or Super DOT 4 that I've been finding are for motorcycles (except @ europarts-sd). I'm guessing the chemistry should be the same since it's labeled Super DOT 4? And what if I find some DOT 5.1. Maybe I can use that too?

Most of the stuff I've been reading have been temperature related (except for DOT 5, but I'll leave that out for this purpose of discussion), so does that mean I would be ok with regular DOT 4 and could even venture into DOT 3 territory if was forced to? I'm thinking they can be mixed (except for DOT 5) and would only differ because of temperature rating.



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Doing some research, I think the magic number for DOT 4 Plus or Super DOT 4 seem to be the Dry Boiling Point of 509°F (265°C).

Instead of going to a dealership for 2+ liters of this stuff, I decided to go online and purchase some Galfer Super DOT 4.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=-1]• Excellent thermal stability
• Dry boiling point 509ºF
• Humid boiling point +185 c
• Viscosity 40 c <1.800 CST
• Density a 15c (1.05)

It's mostly sold by motorcycle shops. The cheapest I've found was here...

Since it's 17.64 fl oz per bottle (@ $5.99), I'm planning to purchase 5 bottles for the Sprinter. Maybe a couple more for the bikes. I should check locally to see if they have this many bottles.

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