removing idler pulley on water pump


05 140" SHC 2500 Cargo
OK I have read Vic's water pump thread(thank you) and I see that there is much talk of the trilobular bolt for the idler pulley. However, and I guess I am retarded, there is no discussion of how to remove the dam pulley from the pump to get to that last bolt behind it.
Seriously, how do you get it off? Mine has a smooth face and I see no way.

Oohh. The cover pops off. Well I'll be dipped in ****.
I guess I am retarded. Do I have to tell my parents?
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I guess I am retarded. Do I have to tell my parents?

My parents never needed to be told about me. They watched me go through life so I'm pretty certain that it was just assumed. :tongue:

Glad you figured it out. ... the Sprinter thing, that is.

Is there anything I should add to the Water Pump procedure for the next guy?



05 140" SHC 2500 Cargo
No, enough is there. Well, maybe a tip about putting a rag to cover the harmonic balancer so you don't drop an 8mm wrench behind it and then spend 20 minutes fishing it out with magnet and screwdriver. That was a riot.
So far so good with the new pump.
Thanks men.

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