Anyone understand codes. I'd love to Double Check my Error Codes

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I found a lovely guy on the Ukrainian Mercedes club forums who hooked my 311 2.2 Sprinter up to his code reader to try and track an EDC and Fuel pump issue i've been having.

His conclusion was that there was that the balance of air and fuel was upsetting a sensor, and most likely it was because my aftermarket filter was causing problems. i'll get a simpler Bosch part tomorrow, but i though it would be great to post my codes here and get a opinions from guys here who understand what the computers are saying.


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Looks like the lift pump is not pumping enough fuel. High pressure pump is hungry, but not enough to set a low rail pressure code.
There are no air codes present so your problem lives between fuel tank and high pressure pump.

Filter is the first suspect following by fuel pickup, then lines then lift pump. If you run on oil it is kind of expected. Air in lines?

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oh, that is very interesting thank you i'm glad i posted.

i think there is a little air leak in the diesel line that i'm trying to trace, and i could put a new 5 micron filter in the engine and begin filtering the oil to 1 micron. i hope that will fix it, what do you think?


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I would make sure that your WVO loop bypasses the OEM diesel filter.
Also install a new diesel filter without the drain on the bottom.
Can you see through the clear hoses that attach to the on engine fuel lift pump?
When you run on diesel do you see air in the line?
When you run on WVO do you see air in the line?

I had the same problem on my 03 when on WVO until I found a bad hose junction and corrected it. Also, I found I needed a secondary electric lift pump on the WVO loop.

Best of luck & safe travels!

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Thanks for your excellent reply Colorado_Al.

1. do you mean that you suggest the WVO completely bypass the OEM filter? or just the return loop so the WVO circulating doesnt have to keep passing through it?
2. I fitted a filter without drain a few weeks ago, it helped the engine run on diesel but didnt change the 2k rev limit on WVO
3. I have clear hose right before the OEM pump
4. There are small bubbles on WVO when the system is looped, but not when returning to the main tank (i send a little back occasionally to flush air bubbles). This morning i had no bubbles on Diesel, but have previously seen bubbles when looped; none when returning oil to the main tank.

Thanks for your replies, with the help of people on this forum i do feel i'm getting closer to a solution ..and now i've had those codes check that fear that it is a major, engine bricking issue are subsiding.

Warm wishes from freezing Moldova,
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