T1N Power Lock Retrofit


2006 140" T1N
@ECU "The sensing from the factory simply flashes the lights on the dash switch to let you know some doors are unlocked." Is that referring to the power lock dash switch that would have come with a factor power lock system? Sounds like either way the ol' unlock-lock is the way to go.

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 9.15.03 AM.png

Lastly, I don't know much about diodes. My remote locking unit didn't come with diodes installed on the wires. In this image above, I see two diodes on the purple lines installed. My understanding is that a diode only allows current in one direction. I believe this purple wires go to the parking lights (so they flash when the lock/unlock buttons are pressed) and it needs a diode so that if parking lights were turned on it wouldn't just start locking/unlocking the vehicle?

How do I size the diodes for this? I'm hoping I can tap into the parking lights in front of the vehicle near the base unit, maybe in the dash? I need to open dash up to run some speaker wire so might as well 2 for 1 here.


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What are you using diodes for?
The box has internal relays that do the flip flop stuff needed for the actuators.
To trigger a lock, you need ground on one wire and 12+ on the other wire.
To trigger an unlock you need 12+ on one wire and ground on the other.
In your harness, you're going to be connecting several wires to ground and several to 12+


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You'll find that the Orange and Orange/black are a pair Orange gets 12+ Orange/Black gets ground
Same with the yellows.
One set is for the first trigger and the other is for a secondary trigger.
Press unlock and get the first trigger. Hold it a while and get a second.
Diodes are only useful for the signal that flashes the lights when locking.
I have one amp diodes and one of them has failed after many years. I only get one side now. Franky that is enough and there is no need for a diode if you only do one side.
If you wanted, you could just add a little light to your dash where you could see it from outside to light up.


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I took on fixing the signal to the two turn signals today. I realized I have a bridge rectifier from an electronics repair. I wired it to be two split feeds for the turn lights.
+12 to the - pole and the AC inputs are isolated outputs.

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