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I'm getting p0234 codes and going into limp mode. I also am getting a strange rattling, ringing sound from turbo area. Found the acuator just hanging there loose. My question is can I just replace the actuator or entire turbo? Should the lever on the turbo the actuator is moving feel free or should it have some resistance? :thinking:

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Well in short you are SUPPOSED to change them (turbo plus actuator) as a complete unit but! That stated at a push, I have simply replaced one good working (actuator) from a gash turbo and it has worked fine!

The actuator arm operates a circular vane gate arrangement inside the snail housing and it must be free to move in both directions. Carbon can seize it up and heaven forbid dare I say it! But metal (alum) being burnt off the pistons by localized overheating and getting stuck in the vanes! So its worth looking into!
Take a look at the posts from Kyrgyzstan member on his engine failure--see below in the posts!
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Hi there,

Sounds like you lost the circlip!

Disconnected from the actuator the lever on turbo should move with little to no resistance, make sure the lever remains true as it passes through the casting and not wobbly or to one side, as it is possible that if out of alignment the lever does not engage with the internal vane actuator ring. To take a peek inside look here, http://www.mercedes.gen.in/WP35/diesel-mercedes-sprinter-turbo-rebuild/

If you do swap just the actuator, make sure the rod length is adjusted to the same dimensions of the original. Other than that a perfectly acceptable repair. See here. http://www.mercedes.gen.in/WP35/new-turbo-still-boost-mercedes-sprinter/

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