Please help? 2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 code 9290?


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Hello everyone. I just got my 2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 from Dealer.
Just under 28k miles.
I love this Van. I have a ? I was driving on freeway and SRS light came on?
Code 9290 Driver Thorax Squib Circuit Open read when Scanned at auto shop?
Anyone know how to solve SRS light? And how much? Thanks in advance.


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Seat belt pre-tensioner or buckle sensor. Depends upon what scanned it?? Not all scanners are created equal!
First check that the socket from the buckle to the ABS sensoer under the seat is intact, and not detached.
Expect to pay about about $75 for the buckle.

The seat belt thorax fault is the pre-tensioner in the belt arrangement and you will have to but a whole new belt assy.
Last time I bought one it was around $400.
Then there's install.


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Well yes they are connected in manner of speaking.

If you God forbid, are involved in an accident where the SRS bag is going to blow; a fraction of a second before the "big event" and the steering wheel is going to punch you in the face; the seat belt is locked by a pre-tensioner or squib as its called. The intention is to help you not go lunging forward and gives credence that the SRS system warning label that it only works if you are wearing the seat belt.

What has happened is that the communication has been lost to the squib.
Not uncommon on modern vehicles even my trusty Landrover Discovery 2 has this fault on it at the moment. Too lazy to fix it! AND too busy with Sprinters!

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