heat/ac control unit back light bulbs

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never had lights from my day 1, before i dig in can anyone confirm bulb type . I'll puchase before so i don't get an out of stock fail at the store. There are two bulbs? Generic type or is there a dodge / mb part number.


Own a DAD ODB2 Unit.
Dodge Part Number 05133468AA (or 5133468AA) for the 2 lights that go into the heater/AC control unit. You'll need needle nose pliers to reach in to get the parts in/out (twist to release/install). About $2.65 each from the Dodge dealer when I bought mine - you have to remove the controller unit to get to the back side to replace them.

Might as well spray a graphite based lubricant into the cables that connect to the big selector knob while you have it apart (don't use WD-40). The knob will work better after the lubricant.
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