2002 WVO convert. engine wont go above 2k revs, starting isses+cut out a few times.

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Hi, i'm planning to drive to Vietnam from the UK in my Sprinter and soo far things arent going well and i'd love some advice.

it started driving beautifully, no probs at all for around 2k. Now i have the EDC and pump dashboard lights come on as soon as i switch to WVO and the engine generally go above 2k revs (on diesel too). has cut out completely 4 times while driving (on WVO) and sounds sick when starting.

1st i thought it was going into limp home mode as it cut off exactly at 2k revs and went back to normal after a while driving on diesel. Now its permanent and the engine occasionally goes over 2k revs on deisel so i worry its something far worse.

i changed the air filter, oil, oil filter and fuel filter. no change. i have bought a lift pump, but it hasnt arrived yet. i'm thinking perhaps the injectors are clogged ..or the engine is damaged. trying to go over 2k revs i get around 3 secs of power then 0.5 secs of nothing - where i can feel the engine breaking kicking in.

its a 2002 311 CDI

can anyone recognise the issue and suggest a solution? if i replace the injectors will it just happen again in 2k miles?

all advice much appreciated,
Thanx, Andy

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Andy at Focallocal

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same issues, but they have developed and i now suspect a different reason for them so i decided it would be clearer to start a new thread.

i changed the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and bought a lift pump - but the issue is still getting worse.

Andy at Focallocal

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oh, my appologies i didnt recieve emails about those last few replies and didnt know they were there at all. i'll read them now and see if anything sounds like what the issue has developed into.

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