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I have an'06 3500 with 200k miles. fuel injectors 1,2,4,5 are stuck. We were able to remove #1 with the tool we bought online and a 50lb slide hammer (took a while). The Sprinter will run, is there anything I can add to the fuel that will help loosen the other injectors? What is the best additive I can add to the diesel fuel going forward? thanks.:hmmm:


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The stuff binding the injectors is on the OUTSIDE, so no additive will help loosen them.
You've already read what causes Black Death, and how to remove stuck injectors, but I can say that Kroil helped me, as did loosening the hold down bolt 3/32" and running the engine. Twisting the injector back and forth helps the Kroil get in further.

To avoid future Black Death, make sure you thoroughly clean the injector well and seat, and use NEW copper crush washers, and follow hold down bolt torque instructions. Additives will not prevent Black Death; it's an issue with the seal. But for other reasons, I like Optilube Summer+ additive. It scores very high on the lubricity tests, boosts cetane, and only requires 2oz per 25 gallons, making it less than $1 per tank.

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You might try loosening the injector hold down bolts and driving it awhile. There are a couple of post here about doing this. The compression and heating of the engine should loosen the injectors in the head. Letus know how it comes out.


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If you loosen the hold down bolts and drive, I would do them one at a time. Also, there is another puller that is better than the slide hammer. To use it, you have to remove the top of the injector. Most recommend not trying to re-use a disassembled injector. Good luck. I just went through this process myself. All five injectors were stuck. Now I have five new injectors.


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I want to thank everyone for their input. unfortunately I had to do a major top end replacement. Luckily I have a buddy that owns an independent MBZ shop show parts are at cost and labor at a discount. it will be done next weekend.
On another point, since I was doing this I changed the water pump. The factory pump only come with one gasket it need's two, so if you are changing the WP make a note of this.

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:cheers: I just removed and replaced the seals on #1 & 2 injector
Black death was lots of it all over the best method I found to remove it was with carb cleaner
and lots of cut up old tee shirts screwdriver,stifwire about 12in long,pair of surgical pliers to hold the tee shirt swabs.
First cleaned up the black mess than filled the well around the injector's with carb cleaner
let it soak in real good. Than I loosened the hold down started the van and in about 5 min.
#2 popped up detached the fuel lines and out it came. cleaned it up with carb cleaner using
a SS bowl so I could catch the carb cleaner and than use a paint brush to help apply the cleaner worked good. The injector well was cleaned using a dowel pin wrapped with tee shirt
soaked with carb cleaner worked good. The seat I used a dowel same size as the seat hole
with a piece of 400 Wet dry paper glued to it shined up like new.
# 1 injector wouldn't pop up with motor running had to use a puller it was the one that
Dennis at Lindenengeering recommended it was the type that you must take the top of the
injector off to use it but it did the job great.(I did reuse my injector)
Hope this will help.

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