Rattle in the front!!!


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Hi there first time poster long time reader here!
I have a merc sprinter 208d swb 1996.
There is a rattle in the front end as well as a bit of a knock when going over bumps :/
Ive just replaced the front shocks, anti roll bar bushings, drop links, track rod ends and the n/s lower ball joint but still it rattles:yell:....although not as bad as before!!
does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?.......
.....before I end up replacing every bushing on the whole van only to find the rattle in the last one lol!!


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See if your calipers rock on the slide pins. I just did one yesterday, and have more to do on our fleet.
To verify on test drive: Apply a light brake force over a rough road & see if there is a difference.


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I feel your pain, I have the same problem. I just replaced the struts and upper strut mounts as they were blown out. While it improved the knocking sound a bit, it still sounds as if the front end of the van is going to fall apart when navigating dirt/rough roads, valley pan crossings, manhole lid drops, etc. The lower control arm ball joints are within spec and the control arm bushings at the frame pivot point appear to be in good condition. The sway bar bushings also appear to be in good condition. The steering rack is tight and has minimal play.

Still, the knocking persists and it is not subtle. When I "feel"/hear it, it seems as though it is coming from the firewall near the accelerator pedal. I have not personally observed the knocking from the passenger seat.

+1 for any ideas.

Could it be play in the steering shaft from steering wheel to the rack? I have read that SurlyOldBill found his to be low PS fluid but my reservoir is topped off.


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Yes, FREE and easy to do, just check your PS fluid level.........


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about knocking:
since a few months ago an old 312d the passenger side developed a knocking under the jack lid, I wasn't sure if that was sway bar or strut or strut mounts. I just have an impact wrench I ordered from Germany and I had to test it (new toy to me), so I would check that knocking and test the tool at the same time. I found that the strut was solid but the strut munts were lower than the old ones that I took off almost five years ago and I kept them. the old strut mounts are Mercedes OEM made in Argentina, the others are aftermarket REI made in Brazil, very good ones, they are a bit softer than the OEM, for that reason I think they didn't last more. The final result is that the knocking disappeared using the old ones that are less flattened sort to speak.

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Epa le Eduardo.
Saludos Navidenos.

I would second Eduardo's (312d) post :thumbup: Check your top mounts.
You can do this by lifting the suspension on one side off the ground and prying the suspension leg up.

By the way Eduardo if you need more of those pneumatic tools a local bearing stockist I use here in town supplies the whole range. That air tool (3/8th drive) in your post was on offer last week at $139.


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Saludos para ti y tu familia Dennis.
btw it is not 3/8 it is 1/2" ultra compact 450 ft lb , and I paid 160 Euros, I wish I have a local warehouse where I can choose and not being ripped off. Can you give me the web page?, I can browse something.


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por informacion
My local bearing and seal stockist I use is called Whisler Bearing in Denver.
They stock these tools
Now I looked on their web site but air tools are not listed.
I could obtain a pricing catalog if you wanted one?

However Rodcraft is distributed down your way, here is a web site.
A good idea to compare prices I suppose .
Saludos y Prospero ano nuevo.

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