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:yell:Hi to all, as I'm new and referred by Doktor A. My symptoms are: Starts fine everytime, then dies while driving. A quick put in to neutral while rolling, crank, starts again. Drives awhile (few minutes) then dies or hits what I think is the limp mode. Dies, restarts, then might, and I mention might, blow a short 1-2 second puff of black smoke, then clears up and drives again. We don't even dare taking it on the freeway as it hits limp mode alot, but on city streets it mostly dies. We are new to the Sprinter owners, but I bought it in Richmond VA with 138K on it, (single commercial owner extensive records) drove it immediately to Ohio, Tenn, Texas, Tucson Az then back to Texas. All with the A/C on and we averaged 29.6 mpg. Fantastic in my book. But now we have this problem. I did check the Turbo Resonator and hoses, nothing, Doktor A says it is not a boost problem. He said find someone in the Austin area on the forum that had the right scanner (DAD ? ) and check out the codes. Maybe also a Tech that can help me get it back right again. Wonder if anyone has any ideas on the issue. My wife uses it for her home business, and now because of the shutdowns, she's scared to drive it. Help :yell:


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Doktor A says it is not a boost problem. He said find someone in the Austin area on the forum that had the right scanner (DAD ? ) and check out the codes.
And that is what you need to do. Without diagnostics all anyone here can do is throw guesses at it, and that won't be of much use.

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And that is what you need to do. Without diagnostics all anyone here can do is throw guesses at it, and that won't be of much use.

The DAD isn't your only option. A dealership DRBIII with correct card and cable, DAD, Snap-on with CORRECT card and program, Autel Maxidas, and a recent possibility the MaxiDiag® Elite MD802 Scan Tool will also communicate on higher level with a T1N Sprinter.



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I was thinking the same thing.
Suggest the OP change the fuel filter and see what that does.
Sounds like the electric pump in the fuel tank (assuming it's a 2004-2006 T1N with OM-647 engine) is pushing fuel through a plugged fuel filter, then
when they drive off, the plugged up filter won't let enough fuel through to run the engine at more than just above idle.
Could be something else, but fuel filters do get plugged up...only takes a few minutes after a bad fuel refill, and they've put some miles on it since it was
commercially serviced it sounds like.
Hope this helps,

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Maybe Doktor A didn't mention fuel filter?

I didn't see model year, but being that Doktor A mentioned the DAD it must be a T1N.

As long as the guessing has begun, it would be worth checking the hose clamp/connections right off of the air filter box to the turbo inlet. That connection being bad/marginal has caused some really odd Sprinter symptoms in the past.


Edit: I'd think that live data monitoring rail pressure might show fuel starvation.
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Thanks to all, and it is a 2006 and does have a brand new fuel filter in it. I just checked the MAF sensor, it's working, checked all hoses to air to & from turbo, resonator, etc. Am taking it to a shop to scan it to get the codes, they claim to have a sprinter guy. Wish Doktor A lived near here. AutoZone ran their scanner, it claims # 1 glow plug out, (Just had all glow plugs replaced 5k miles ago) MAF out, EGR our, fuel rail pressure malfunction pressure too low, faulty fuel pressure solenoid, fuel rail pressure is ABOVE maximum limit- (FCA-out (fuel control actuator), failed fuel level sending unit. Does the 2006 have a self cleaning egr valve? I heard it does. Other than these supposids, I guess if anyone has a MAGIC WAND so I can fit this daaggone Sprinter. I love it but I hate it. I don't want it to just sit in the driveway because we can't safely drive it anywhere. Thanks-


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Leak off test wouldn't hurt. Might be a weird injector, and for some reason fuel gets dumped back into the return fuel line, causing a huge drop in rail pressure. I don't know if a running engine that experiences a fail pressure drop would somehow send a signal to shut off the engine...
Does anyone know if I 'unplug' the fuel quantity sensor will it hurt anything. I am wanting to check to see if it is working or not. Then I would like to unplug the fuel rail pressure sensor next to see if it's working. Or, anyone have any ideas I can try since the codes are saying it's a fuel pressure issue. Thanks again to all.
Had the codes erased, rerun, and the P00170 code came up. It is the MAP sensor code, so I unplugged it and it made no difference in the LHM effect the Sprinter is giving me. Doktor A, you coming to Austin anytime soon? Help!!


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First thing to do: scan for any codes. Best thing to do: use Sprinter capable scanner as generic is not the best tool to reveal actual problems.
UPDATE: had codes re run, then driven with codes erased, then re run again. 4 times the # 1 glow plug code shows up, (All replaced less than 6000 miles ago) then 4 times the 0087 code and/or the 0402 code came up. Intermittent fuel rail pressure either too low or excessive (too high.) EGR code comes and goes as does the other codes. BUT, van still dies and has to be restarted when driving and has reached the 185 degree mark. Seems to be fine until that temp is reached. Any ideas. MAP sensor code came up 1 time when all other codes were gone, then erased, and never came back. Again. HELP!


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Did you have the glow plug module replaced when you replaced the glow plugs? If you have the old style module, once a glow plug goes bad, its fuse blows in the module and is not resetable. You have to replace the whole module.
The Mercedes Tech claimed he replaced it along with the 5 glow plugs. The error code is very intermittent, shows up then disappears for a while. But how does 1 actually know if it done? Gotta take his word for it I guess. Still haven't figured out the LHM or dying while driving.


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New style module has self-resetting breakers instead of one-use fuses.

Also, the wiring harness itself can get worn through on the steel brake lines between the module and the engine. Trace those with your hand and inspect where they are close to something they can rub on. The wire to my #3 GP was grounding out because of this.


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What type of scan tool was used? Reason I ask is the codes you are reporting are ones that most generic obdll scanners will pick up, by law. But you may have other codes that are not being read unless your scanner "speaks sprinter".
Well I guess I have to find someone that has a scanner that reads 'deep' to get the real codes which are the problems. The dying while driving is so bad, I can't go 1/2 mile to the store w/o re starting it several times. And people, don't you just love'em? With flashers on, visibly having an issue, they ALL honk, flip me off, etc. Good thing the van DOESN'T run or else I'd .......

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