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Hi: Right after when the engine died I pulled the Crank sensor and it showed signs of erosion, suppose it was rubbing to the flex plate, also had a grinding noise suppose it was that it! Can somebody send me a picture of a flex plate to have reference or where can I take a look of one. The flex plate wasn't crack and to be sure, went to the machine shop and asked to verify y it was true, I know that there are other places that I need to look for, any suggestion? As Denis was mentioning in other posting if the signal of that electrical part it's not the correct one......
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Simply take a new crank sensor, after re-installing the flywheel; insert the sensor, then roll the engine segment by segement, (clockwise looking from the from of the engine anti clockwise if sat facing the flywheel.

With a 0.025 feeler guage then check the air gap over each segment, there should be the nominal 0.025 +/-0.005".
This is a better way than clocking the segments on a lathe etc.
This will give you the actual running clearance installed.

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