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anybody have a T1n high top inside in CAD? I am about to start designing the interior and it sure would make things a lot simpler long wheel base single wheel preferred, but not choosy on that.



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I am super interested in getting my hands on a MWB (144") T1N model. I have made my own (crappy) version in solidworks, but it is only off my own measurements.

At this point, even an accurate schematic would be great!


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You will never find a 144" wheelbase T1N Sprinter in CAD.
T1N Sprinters were only available is 118" 140" and 158" wheelbases. (2002-2006 Sprinters were the T1N style)
If you want a CAD Drawing of a 144" wheelbase Sprinter, it will have to be an NCV3 (2007-2014).


Fwiw, I looked at several cad interior diagrams people had done thinking it would be a cool way to plan my build. I ultimately just used 3 different colors of masking tape instead.

I laid everything out in masking tape so that I could walk around it and visualize the actual space better.

The cad drawings and even photographs all seem to make things look more spacious than they are.

A buddy of mine saw my tape job and laughed at himself for all the wasted hours he spent in cad trying to design his build.

Cad is going to be the right choice for a manufacture building many identical units. For one off work its probably easier to go old school.


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CAD really pays off if the data is used to produce (via CNC) actual parts for the build. I have over 100 CNC tool path files for plastic and wood parts that were machined for our interior and other items. Many of the sheet metal parts were laser profiled and then formed with a CNC press brake.

CNCing a hollow wall panel for the bathroom:

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I have a 21X 24 cnc router. It would be cool if we could get a CAM or cad file share going someplace. A lot of guys have turned out some really nice stuff on here.


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Just want to bump this thread. I'm looking for CAD model of T1N 158WB. If anyone has done the 140WB I will make a stretched version and make that available to share.


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Bump Again, anyone have a model of the 140" wheelbase t1n?? looking to model a rood rack and interior and cant find the 140" model, ive found 158" and 170" but not the 140. any info would be awesome


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The roof outline of the grabcad models for the 170" early in this thread were wrong. Unless you get one that was done very well or directly from MB, you will only be able to use it for planning, not to CNC cut to fit. Here is a 3D printed section from the CAD file compared to the real roof section. It's way off in places. I tweaked a piece of the model for this section for my purposes, but to fix the whole thing would be very difficult.



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