Filter time


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Time for some new filters, installation and fluid changes.

Hengst filters - small.jpg

Oil filters (5)
Fuel filter
Cabin air filter
Transmission filter and gasket
Air filter
$98 for all the filters with shipping.

Replaced everything except the air filter which I just replaced this spring.

Had a small error when refilling the transmission - I had left it in Neutral after turning the engine to drain the TC. Then, all fluid when into the transmission overfilling it and it started leaking (I did not run the engine part way through the fill to distribute the fluid to the TC - error on my part. Made a bit of a mess, but got it all done - about 8 qts of Shell 134 and the balance Maxlife ATF.

On the fuel filter - I had not changed it since 113K, which was 108K miles ago and there were no issues at all, so if you are getting good clean fuel, I don't think it is that critical to change the filter (I do carry a spare with me).

Should be good to go for another 2 or three years now until I have to order filters again.

Van is running fine and no issues at all at 221K except for the body rust.



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Just to be on the safe side, I ordered a transmission dipstick - $9.79 via ebay. Arrived at my house two days later and I checked the fluid level after my wife returned from a fairly long drive. It was a bit low, so I topped it up into the middle of the hot range, took about 12-16 oz (did not measure exactly). If you are in the Twin Cities MN area and need to borrow a transmission dipstick, I now have one that you could use. As indicated, the metal spring coil sticks out about 1 inch from the tube when the ears on the measuring portion of the dipstick bottom out. Works quite slick. Van just humming along nicely - got 550+ miles on the last tank running around town.


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