Seat Belt Anchor Point T1N (need bracket) HELP!!


I recently removed the custom RV Captain chairs from my T1N 2002. I installed the original seats back in that the previous owner had stored for some time. I discovered that the Anchor bracket (and all retention parts) for the Drivers Side seat belt was missing. Of course, this is after installing the seats (so I'm kind a drive'ing with out a seat belt)... :cheers:

I have not been able to find any part diagram in the Sprinter Index for 2002 - 2006 T1N. They just don't show the bracket, and the needed mounting (retention) hardware.

Anyone? help? Anyone want to get rid of their old broken seats?

I have not checked with MB yet or a service supplier, just thought I would throw this out at all of you first. Here are some picks of the Bracket on the passenger seat, and the mounting point of where its missing from...

Any help would be great, thank you Derek



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I am bustiing up a 2006 Sprinter (to make room for more Landrovers on the road!!!:laughing:) tomorrow so I will most likely have what you want, so PM me with a list.

Cheers Dennis
Note all major units have dibs already on them.

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