06 Sprinter AC works off and on


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I have a 2006 sprinter and the air will work great or not at all. When I start it and it is not blowing cold, I can keep restarting it until it works. I am sure the problem is electrical, was hoping someone new right what to check first. I am new to this forum but have followed it for some time. Thanks to all that have posted on the different problems, it has been very useful and saved me a ton of money!
I have/had the same problem with my 2006. I'll explain.

I was having the same symptoms early in the summer. I took it to McCoy Freightliner in Portland. They emptied and recharged the system and gave it back to me. It worked for a while, then started working intermittently as you described.

I took it back, and the tech spent a lot of time tracing the problem. It turns out that sometimes the a/c compressor clutch won't engage. Their computer shows a short at the clutch (I may be using the wrong words or giving a bad description). They clear the code, and the code comes right back. They said that replacing the compressor might solve the problem, but couldn't be sure. I decided to just drive it, and then decide how big of a problem it was. Interestingly, it's been about 3 months, and the a/c has worked flawlessly, so obviously I haven't done anything about it.

I've been wondering if the problem is somehow tied to not using the a/c all winter. I have now learned that the a/c should be cycled on once a month, and will do that this winter.


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Thank you Boz.

I will most likely do the same as you did, drive it and make sure that it gets cycled.


A common cause is the relay on the control head has bad connections on it. Sometimes. removing the control head and resoldering the relay fixes the problem.

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