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Just picked up a 2004 ex-Fed Ex van that will crank but not start. Previous (original) owner mentioned it was throwing a code for low fuel rail pressure. It is getting fuel to the rail. Blocked off injectors one at a time with a ball bearing to try and isolate a bad injector, no change. Unplugged maf and fuel sensor, nothing. Spritzed a bit of starting fluid in intake, will run for a second then nada.

Ran the fuel solenoid test ( clamp fuel return, feed banjo line into jar) and, A-ha! Fuel getting past solenoid. So, my question is - is this the chicken or the egg? My voltmeter is shot, but hooking a test light shows voltage at both terminals when key in run position (and quite a bit of it by the glow). Just power at input side when unplugged and probed. Assuming I get a real voltmeter tomorrow, what should I expect to see here voltage wise?

Also, if this is the problem, I see replacements for these on the web although I've read you can not replace them separately from the entire rail. Do they now make a unit that will seal to the rail?

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