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I'm looking to install some extra LED lights to Rear Doors of my van. I'm looking for direction to a thread that already address this issue. Or some pointers on which/how to find an appropriate way to power the these extra lights. I'm thinking i need to splice the new light into the wires that power the rear tail light cluster.

I've attached two photos of the light I'd like to mount and the wires it came with as well as the wires at the hinge of the rear door where I suspect I could start.

I'm really new to sprinters and would appreciate any help.



My 2c: don't splice existing wire, at least don't draw non-trivial amount of power from it. You can tap existing wire to power a relay. If you have rear cig lighter socket, you can draw up to 20amp from it. Otherwise you'll want to run a wire to the power tap terminals under driver's seat.

I spliced a pair of 18 watt LED lights into the existing reverse lights, and changed the stock 21 watt reverse bulbs to 7 watt LED bulbs. The total consumption of the reverse light on each side became 18+7=25 watt (or less, since LED makers like to exaggerate their power rating). 25/21 = 119%, or 19% more than stock. But the computer detected that as overload and started to shut down the reverse lights. In the end I switched to a pair of 10 watt led lights instead, for a total of 10+7 = 17 watt on each side. The computer thinks the bulb is out and throws a warning message whenever I go into reverse, but at least it didn't cut the power completely.


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is there any chance you have an aftermarket tow harness?

I installed one on my Sprinter and had to bring back a 12+ lead from the battery to the back of the van.


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I would tap rear cargo lights or run a wire to the drivers seat instead of the tail light harness. It's less of a hassle to run a wire to the drivers seat than dealing with the potential problems with the computer IMHO.


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Thanks for the advice. I decided to tap into the cargo lights. Soon, I'll post some pictures for those who are curious.


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Please do ��

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