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Dodge - Freightliner Sprinter Van: Accessories and Equipment
Sprinter Accessories offers the only selection of after market items EXCLUSIVELY made for the North American edition of the Sprinter utility van such as tail lifts, van security locks, roof racks, conduit carriers, and ladder racks. Check archives of Yahoo SprinterVan for comments on this supplier.



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They got me once, but never again. if they don't accept Credit Cards You have to wonder WHY.

Altered Sprinter

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Those overpriced duplicating guys of the same products elsewhere at a lesser price, most likely have lost at least 30% of future projected sales
No Credit cards means refunds harder to obtain in the event of a potential compliant.


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It was my experience with these folks that led me to The Sprinter Store/Upscale Auto.

I am fortunate enough to live in Oregon so visited The Sprinter Store/Upscale Automotive. I previously posted on the View/Navion Site a paper called "My visit to the Sprinter Store". I also posted a paper on upgrades to our View H and reviews of the upgrades we had done also under "files" on the View/Navion site. You can read under the link to The Sprinter Store/Upscale Auto a copy of my "My visit to the Sprinter Store".


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