replacing or repairing driveshaft?

Van Campa

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Greetings from Finland summer. Nice and pleasant +27 degrees outside today.
I left NZ to escape the cold winter months.
My van , MB Sprinter 313 CDI with sprintshift, has developed a juddering noise from transmission. There was also a clunk noise when shifting between 1st and 2nd gear.
After visiting several mechanics and asking their advice, I found an independent MB mechanic from Judea in Tauranga.
We went for a test drive and he suspected the drive shaft. He had a T1N truck with drive shaft removed under repair but unfortunately it was about 10 cm too short!
Anyhow he lubed and tweaked the drive shaft while I waited and then another test drive proved it was better than before.
The van was much better for couple days but I knew from the start that I need a new or reconditioned drive shaft.
This mechanic saved me a lot of money as another mechanic at MB truck dealer suspected DMF and clutch!
So now I am looking into getting another drive shaft or get mine re-conditioned.
Any recommendations in NZ or AUS? I am even thinking about getting parts shipped from Finland as the Sprinters are more common here and parts are cheaper. But freight cost might add up?

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