Cargo Van Conversion


The front bed panel drops down to a bench seat when in camp mode. It is supported on the wheel tub box and webasto enclosure. Very functional and easily reconfigured.

Graphite Dave

Dave Orton
I have redesigned my table platform for the new conversion. The front half of the table will convert to a seat for additional passengers. While traveling by myself with need for only one bed, the seat will make a step to make it easier to get in/out of bed. One of the 98 changes/modifications that are on my list to improve the second iteration.


Van Guru
That is a nice surf van. Van Specialties does terrific work.
I think your dog is looking for his 'place'.
Can you tell us about the utilities? (heat, water, electric, etc.)


We hold 20 gallons fresh water, the pressurized water system for the galley sink also feeds a rear shower. Heating is thru webasto diesel heater, which will be very much appreciated in the sierras this winter. The Domestic fridge, LED lights and Fantastic fan, etc is powered thru undercarriage house AGMs, and fueled by 200 watts of solar on roof. We have multiple 12volt outlets, as well as duplex plugs. The two 12 volt outlets above the bed on the passenger side walls hold flex neck LED reading lights and also charge cell phones and lap tops. The under bed storage area has additional led flood lighting and there are two high output LEDs that light outside back doors for loading late night mountain bike finishes. We replaced the dash and door speakers with some upgrades, along with a amp and subwoofer under the passenger swivel seat.

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