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Happy Little Vegemite
Found the Original.
Yotho Yindi
People of the land our land
The reference is to all, not one singular race.

Quote: The thing! That we always believe...[US]
Aboriginal people, Indigenous people of Australia.
Is that we always believe.
'We Don't OWN..... Mother Earth. The EARTH owns US..End of Quote.
TRIBAL VOICE. For all Nations
Yothu Yindi- "Tribal Voice"

Kevin Rudd apologises to the Aboriginal Stolen Generation
Original song Yotho Yindi 'Treaty'.
Same song with direct political references to past leaders and promises.
Yothu Yindi - Treaty

currently our company has a research contract with the Australian Government for mineral research, In Katerine Northern territory
Photos are banned from employees to photograph and publicly exhibit.. it's a sacred place of major significance to the dream time of the indigenous beliefs of time to40 thousand years of ancient history.. it's an old land this I respect, tribes elders wishes.

Didgeridoo Aboriginal Sacred Place - Australia

Sunset Dreaming

Yothu Yindi - Djäpana
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Happy Little Vegemite
History in the making
1972 Prime minister Gough Whitlam labor Government made the first step towards aboriginal
1995 Prime minister Paul Keating Mark 11
2007 Prime minster Kevin Rudd Mark 111
Opposite men on opposite sides with one common goal.
Under the colors of Black Yellow Red
The colors of the Earth

'Lets close the Gap'
And if we truly mean it
We can stare down our future, and find.
We can see through the eyes, with those who deny.

'From little things, big things grow'
I am the Rock
I am the Sky
I am the Ocean

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The original artist Paul Kelly wrote the song from Little things grow
Original clip included with the original words.
scroll down to left of frame . you can down load this on ipod for free.
Paul Kelly - From Little Things Big Things Grow lyrics

Second rendition from the source you are looking for Song
The GetUp Mob! - From Little Things Big Things Grow
This clip is of song, of which has been rewritten, from the original theme as to the political message of an Australian apology's to the True Keepers of the land.

This clip can be downloaded onto real-time player and then on-loaded to ipod
I hope you enjoy the brief History of The revolution of the Hard fought Indigenous Aboriginals in Australia Torres Islands... and the plight of the New Zealand Kiwis.
the message is for all nations! "Not one singular tribe," But for all tribes through out the lands of our world.



Thanks for larger picture. Not much of that in the US. Now we buy First Nations off with casino gambling deals.

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Happy Little Vegemite
What's Written
Hozo-go nay-yelfay to A na-oh bi-keh de-dlihn Ni-hi-keh di-dlinti to-etin
To Be is a great Thing
J.-Lengo ba-hozhan

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